Technical selection chart: scaled drawings

Direction of rotation viewed from shaft

I = indirect – counterclockwise
D = direct – clockwise

The direction of rotation can only be changed in the factory. Therefore please assure that you state the desired direction of rotation as per the size chart/sheet when ordering!

hp-Internal gear pumps up to 40 bar (direction I = indirect – counterclockwise)



hp-Internal gear pumps up to 40 bar (direction D = direct – clockwise)

NV-Series*To insure proper pump functioning, all pipe connections must be sized as per the principles of fluid technology using the phase quantity and in accordance with the given conditions at the installation site! The size of the pump and/or device connections is not indicative of the size of the pipe connection which must be used.

Scaled Drawings

NV-SeriesWith G 1/4″ manometer connection at the face.


Installation, Maintenance and Operating Instructions


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