hp-Single-pumping unit series MOG

Single pumping unit for fuel oil in scewed or flanged compact execution, as a feed- or delivery aggregates for oil supply of automatic oil burners – equivalent DIN/EN 4755/2. Produced, tested, registered and marked according to the test standard DIN/EN 12514/1.


Order text:Single pumping unit series MOG

Series MOG: …… Refer to key

Discharge: …… l/h

Medium: ……

Working pressure: …… bar

Motor: …… kW …… V/50 Hz

Accessoires: …… Series key

hp-Single-pumping unit series MOG

Key for determination of the order numbers:

hp-Single-pumping unit series MOG * Listening classification letters after each other

1) For use as feed pump aggregate for the supply with fuel oil per DIN 4736 do not exceed the working pressure of 6 bar.

Note: it is absolutely imperative that the user install an electric pressure switch (acting as a “lower limit controller”), as pipe pressure safety device, on the equipment to which the pump is to be connected. This prerequisite can be met by ordering accessory “S” and “DT”.