Single pressure accumulator units Series DSK 4.1

TÜV RheinlandSingle pressure accumulator DSK 4.1

The DSK 4.1 is used to supply oil to smaller fireplaces with EL heating oil in accordance with DIN / EN 12514-1. All units are built, checked, registered and marked according to this test standard.

With pressure accumulator control system

The DSK 4.1 series with pressure accumulator control is used for single-line oil supply in accordance with DIN / EN 12514-1 for automatic oil burners. Feeder unit built, tested, registered and marked according to DIN / EN 12514-1!

Technical Data:

Details and applications single pressure accumulator DSK 4.1

  • Independently controlling heating oil feed unit for single-line oil supply with pressure storage
  • with internal gear pump mounted horizontally on a mounting plate
  • with overflow valve and all necessary fittings

Details and applications single units with pressure accumulator control system DSK 4.1

  • Self-controlling fuel oil feed units with accumulator membrane vessels for single-pipe oil supply
  • With hp-Internal gear pump fitted horizontally on the oil pan with overflow valve, all the required fittings and pump control system to switch the pump on and off, and recording all relevant operating parameters
  • Supplied complete with oil leakage detector

Scope of supply:

  1. Oil filter
  2. Vacuum gauge
  3. Internal gear pump with overflow valve
  4. Nonreturn valve
  5. Ball valve
  6. Manometer
  7. Sensor
  8. Pressure accumulator with fuel oil resistant membrane
    and ball valve
  9. hp-Pump control
  10. Leakage detector for electrical shutdown in oil pan
  11. Oil pan
Unit model Device
pipe -Ø*
Discharge l/h Continuous extraction
Motor capacity at
1400 RPM
Dimensions mm Item No.
Delivery Suction Rotary current
Alternating current
AC (kW)
Width Height Depth Rotary current design Alternating current design
DSK 4.1-1545 15 18 300 240 0,182) 0,18 18 650 1000 320 450004 450015 max. delivery head: 20 m1)

suction under-
pressure: -0.4 bar


DSK 4.1-1547 15 18 600 400 0,372) 18 650 1000 320 450006
DSK 4.1-1549 18 28 1500 1000 0,752) 25 750 1000 420 450008
Pipe dimension by calculation of the line

For installation, operation and maintenance, follow the operating instructions that come with each piece of equipment.

The safety valve is used to secure the delivery pipe against overpressure, e.g. caused by thermal expansion of the fuel oil.

(Securing the delivery pipe against overpressure is prescribed by the standard.)

Accessories Item No.
Safety valve (7 bar) 0820379-7

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