Single suction and pressure pump unit Series ESD

The suction and pressure units are a combination of the proven hp-Pressure units with hp-High capacity suction units to handle more difficult heating oil transfer problems.

The suction units can handle underpressures up to -0.9 bar, which is 9 m geodetic height or even up to 200 m suction pipe length. With the pressure unit, loads that are further away, with observable pipe flow, can be provided in single and two-pipe operation.

Technical Data:

Details and applications

  • The required preliminary pressure (up to max. 6 bar) can be adjusted on the overflow valve on the delivery side
  • The pressure line monitoring to display pipe break or leakage of oil is done by means of a pressure transmitter
  • The pump is controlled through two interconnected pump control systems
  • Via the operating menu, each pump can be switched on and off separately
  • If there are any faults, a total shutdown occurs, correspondingly displayed, and potential-free collective fault message
  • As an option, there is the possibility of equipping the control system with potential-free individual contacts to be activated by the central system. The device is shut down when oil leaks by means of an oil leak alarm, fitting in the oil pan

Scope of supply:

1. Ball valve (in the place of installation)
2. Suction filter
3. Nonreturn valve
4. Vacuum gauge
5. hp-Internal gear pump with standard electric motor
6. Temperature monitoring
7. Level sensor
8. hp-Pump control
9. Filling port
10. Air discharge port
12. Operating tank
13. Oil bath chamber
14. hp-Internal gear pump with standard electric motor
15. hp-Overflow valve
16 . Manometer
17. Pressure transmitter
18. Nonreturn valve
19. Ball valve
24. Oil pan
25. Leakage detector
26. Spill protection (standard)

26. Spill protection according to VbF with WHG permission

ESD for pressure-side intermittent or two-pipe operation

Unit model Discharge power 1)
Suction pump
Discharge power 1)
Delivery pump
First filling




Model l/h Model l/h
ESD 60 6044 160 6043 120 BAK 70 60 5 515 440
ESD 200 6047 600 6045 300 BAK 70 60 5 650 510
Unit model Pump model Motor 230 V Item No. Suction port (tank) Delivery
for pipe Ø
Overflow valve
stage 1
1 – 4 bar
Air discharge
port connection
Oil pan

L x B x H

ESD 60 – 6044/43 0,18 kW 490030 G 1/2“ 13 12 BP-G 1/2“ G 3/4“ 800 x 600 x 150
ESD 200 – 6047/45 0,18 kW 490052 G 1/2“ 15 15 BG-G 1/2“ G 1“ 800 x 600 x 150

Other sizes on request
Can also be supplied with accumulator control

The unit types listed contain pump pairings of the suction and pressure pump, based on the many years of experience with our hp suction units
and their average extraction1).
For the layout for the relevant use case, a precise fine-tuning of the pump pairing (depending on suction height, suction length, pipe cross-section, pipe route on the suction side and the pressure height, pressure pipe length, maximum extraction on the delivery side) must be carried out with the manufacturer.

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