Motor pump groups with magnetic drive – MaG-DrivE

No more damage due to faulty axial face seals!

Until now, axial face seals had to be replaced at regular intervals or ahead of schedule due to a fault. The ongoing operating costs were one of the important factors when purchasing a pump. Not any more!
The hp-MaG-DrivE is 100% leak-free. Maintenance work or repairs on conventional shaft seals are finally a thing of the past.

The contactless rotational transmission of the magnetic drive provides additional security by destruction-free de-coupling if there is an overload or blockages. As soon as the motor is shut down, the magnetic field is resynchronised, so that the pumps can be restarted.

The use of magnets made of a special samarium cobalt alloy guarantees a stable magnetic field both over a large temperature range and also over a long period.

As well as all the advantages mentioned, the environmental protection is at the heart of our development work! To protect our environment against damage by our products – for example, caused by the undetected leakage into the environment of damaging media – we will reinforce our efforts with regard to the further development of our hp products.

  • All the motor pump units of the SMG series can be obtained with our hp-MaG-DrivE and may be equipped in the factory using a conversion set within the shortest possible time. The connection dimensions of the conventional SMG do not change.
Conditions of use

self-lubricating media with a
viscosity of 5 – 500 mm²/s

Discharge 160 – 6.700 l/h
Pressuremax 40 bar
Torquemax 60 Nm

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