Stainless Steel Pump

The hp-Internal gear pumps series EBG (without overflow valve) and EVBG (with overflow valve) are made completely of stainless steel. They are usable to transport a wide variety of viscous liquids who needs using high chemical resistance materials.

For the hp-Stainless steel pumps we use our for many decades successfully proven hp-Internal gear hydraulic. Due to the improved material composition, higher demands in various industrial areas can be met and ensures a wide spectrum of use.

The construction of the pumps allows a quick onside modification from pump with overflow valve into a pump without overflow valve and in reversed.

Technical Data:


  • Pumpe: 1.4301/AISI 304
  • Feder (Überströmventil): 1.4310/AISI 301
  • Unterlager: PEEK
  • Gleitringdichtung: 1.4404/AISI 316L (Kohle/SiC)
  • O-Ringe: Viton
  • Magnetkupplung: 1.4571/316 Ti


  • Delivery rate: 650 l / h
  • Operating pressure: 20 bar
  • Speed: 1400 min-1
  • Operating temperature: 150 ° C

Areas of application

  • chemistry

Operation limits

Max. discharge: 650 l/h
Max. pressure: 20 bar
Max. speed of rotation: 1400 min-1
Max. temperature: 150°C

Direction of rotation: I = counter clockwise, D = clockwise

Materials used

Pump: 1.4301/AISI 304
Spring (overflow valve): 1.4310/AISI 301
Lower bearing: PEEK
Mechanical seal: 1.4404/AISI 316L (Carbon/SiC)
O-Rings: Viton
Magnetic drive: 1.4571/316 Ti

Die hp-Edelstahlpumpe als Motorpumpengruppe:

  • EMG – Motorpumpengruppe ausgerüstet mit Gleitringdichtung nach EN 12756 und Klauenkupplung
  • EMMG – Motorpumpengruppe ausgerüstet mit Magnetkupplung für eine absolute Dichtheit bei giftigen, aggressiven oder gefährlichen Medien

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