Critical Points


MONARCH has been a pioneer in the conception and development of high-precision nozzles. More importantly, MONARCH has remained the master in the field: all new technological resources are utilized to insure a constant improvement in the design, and also to keep up with the incredibly high precision standards required in the manufacturing of the MONARCH nozzle.

The performance, the efficiencyand operating life-span of MONARCH nozzles have no equal.

Despite those demanding tasks, MONARCH has never failed its traditional commitment: one by one, all nozzles are spray tested forcapacity, spray angle and uniformity of atomization: a total guarantee for flawlessperformances.

There can be no doubt: the MONARCH nozzle has an established standing as the leading product among professionals, worldwide.

The Unibody, stainless steel design guarantees a perfect centering of the swirl disc – prerequisite of a uniform atomization.


The micro tolerances applied ateach stage of manufacturing of MONARCH nozzles are the best guarantee ofperfect consistency of every single nozzle, box by box, year after year.

MONARCH‘sunfailing rule has always been to produce high-precision nozzles only, that match thehighest manufacturing, testing and reliability criteria in all circumstances. Each year,millions of MONARCH nozzles are fitted all over the world, either on newburners or as replacement parts. The use of a MONARCH nozzle providesyou, and your customer, with an extra guarantee of a perfect functioning of each unit.

The nozzle tip (7) and swirl disc (2) are made of a high chrome grade stainless steel to guarantee high heat resistance. The internal parts are protected by a high-efficiency filter (4).

The disc: the size of the slots (1 ) regulates fuel flow rate and path.

The swirl chamber (6) determines spray velocity. All parts are closely fitted owing to precise production and micro tolerances.

The internal locknut (3) is nickel plated and has a hexagonal center hole to prevent all danger of choking by metal particles from a jammed part.

Perfect expertise and precision are necessary to manufacture the tangential slots (1) and orifice, acquired through long years of study and research focusing on the very conception of the nozzle and the use of modern tool and production technology.

The extremely close manufacturing tolerances (in microns) as well as the super finish of the surface between the nozzle tip (7) and the disc (2) secure a perfect flow of the fluid through the disc’s orifices and determine the flow rate and spray angle.

The body or adapter (8) fastens the nozzle into the fuel line.

Critical Points