General Information

General InformationMaximum flow tolerance: Nominal +/- 4% (CEN European Standards)

The Results of Long Research and Development Work.

It is now possible to manufacture ”hand- and custom-made” nozzles in very small series. However, quite a different requirement is needed, of course, when it comes to a mass production of millions of nozzles a year to meet the needs of the market. This exponentially increases the problem of consistency, high performance, uniformity and quality. To move from a “laboratory development” to a quantity production stage involves, beside the mastering of all construction parameters, an adaptation to the constantly evolving manufacturing and combustion techniques which remain the basis of our profession. A perfect control of this continuing evolution is responsible for the reputation of MONARCH nozzles, worldwide. Thus, MONARCH has become the engineers preferred nozzle around the world. This success has made it our duty not only to comply with the requirements set up by the leading burner manufacturers, but also to take into account the needs of servicemen to make sure, nozzle by nozzle, box by box, that no problems arise that would necessitate a call back, which is always very costly for the service company. The MTD-92 nozzle was created to give a maximum satisfaction to all users. To achieve this, not only is the MTD-92 nozzle manufactured with the greatest care, but every nozzle is individually spray tested to guarantee perfect conformity and-control of the flow rate, spray angle, uniformity and consistency. General Information

The Extension of Unexceptional Venture

Once again, we confirm our commitment to manufacture high-precision nozzles only, in conformity with the highest possible manufacturing, testing and reliability criteria of the moment. Therefore, using a MONARCH nozzle guarantees for you and for your customer the best end longest-lasting performance level and efficiency. This guarantee remains our constant concern, as well as our greatest pride. The MTD-92 nozzle combines the qualities which have made MONARCH’s name famous, with both advanced technology and strictly controlled precision corresponding to the trends and requirements of the market. As a result, we have been able to meet the demand for high performance, due mainly to our -long-standing experience and skill, and to an ever-developing technological base that has created MONARCH’s worldwide reputation as the leading manufacturer of nozzles for domestic oil burners.