Spray Angles and Capacities

Spray Angles and Capacities

Düse Serie 30° 45° 60° 70° 80° 90°
R SOLID .50 to 1.50 .40 to 3.50 .40 to 3.50 .50 to 3.50 .50 to 3.50 .50 to 3.50
NS HOLLOW .50 to 1.50 .50 to 2.00 .50 to 2.00 .50 to 2.00 .50 to 2.00 .50 to 2.00
AR SPECIAL SOLID .60 to 3.50 .60 to 3.50 .60 to 3.50 .60 to 3.50 .65 to 3.50
PLP SEMI HOLLOW 2.25 to 9.50 2.25 to 30.00 2.25 to 60.00 2.25 to 100.00 2.25 to 50.00
PLHOLLOW 2.25 to 9.50 2.25 to 30.00 2.25 to 50.00 2.25 to 50.00 2.25 to 9.50
HV SCOTCH MARINE 1.65 to 24.00 10.50 to 60.00


MONARCH developed the first porous metal Oil Burner Nozzle Filter in order to provide highly efficient, in-depth filtration with one piece construction. Fine Filters (40 to 60 microns) are supplied as standard up to and including 1.00 USGPH on all series unless Mesh Strainers (200 mesh/approx. 70 microns) are requested.


1.10 USGPH to 10.50 USGPH nozzles are fitted as standard with 120 mesh/approx. 120 microns Monel screen strainers. Strainers may be used with larger sizes to a maximum of 30.00 USGPH but must be ordered separately.

Nozzles up to and including 1.00 USGPH are also available with 200 mesh Monel screen strainers as an alternative to the recommended porous bronze filter.


Available in sizes from .40 to 100.00 USGPH at 100 PSI (6.895 bar) on No. 2 fuel oil. Field tests may show more or less flow than the nominal rating as the flow varies with the viscosity (the higher the viscosity, the greater the nozzle flow and vice versa). When using No. 2 fuel oil within normal operating temperature range, the flow changes approximately 1% for each SSU change in viscosity.


The MONARCH MTD-92 nozzles are tested at nominal pressures of 7 to 10 bar, with test oil, similar to No. 2 fuel oil, 34 to 36 SSU viscosity at 100° F, gravity 32 to 38 A.P.I. at 60° F and test temperature 75 to 80° F (3.36 to 3.44 mm2/s at 20°C, and a density of 0.840). The recommended operating pressures for MTD-92 nozzles used with the domestic fuel oil and kerosene are from e to 25 bar. (Please consult us for higher pressures).For higher viscosity fluids, possible operating pressures range from 10 to 14 bar. This, however, will result in a considerable reduction of spray angles, unless specially designed nozzles are used (see MTD-HO nozzles).


This is a specially designed version of the MTD-92 nozzle, particularly suitable for domestic and heavy fuel combustion with a higher viscosity level up to 0.5 est. Two versions are offered with same dimensions and thread as MTD-92.

The “HO” is offered to meet the requirements for nozzles to be used on higher viscosity oils at elevated operating pressures. These nozzles (as with all MONARCH MTD-92 nozzles) are stamped with their nominal flow rate at 100 PSIG (6.895 bar) on No. 2 fuel oil and are available in capacity sizes from 1.00 through 100.00 USGPH.

HO-200 PSI (14 bar)

When regular light oil nozzles are used on more viscous oil, their sprays tend to “flutter”, they produce a narrower spray angle and often develop streaks in the spray. Accordingly, the standard “HO”. nozzles are specially tested for spray quality and rated for spray angle at a pressure of 200 PSIG (14 bar) on 70 SSU (13 Centistoke) operating viscosity oil. This special testing assures that the nozzles will perform properly under heavy oil operating conditions. The spray angle stamped on the nozzles is the nominal spray angle at 200 PSIG operating pressure.HO – 30 PSI (30 bar)For high pressure operation, the HO nozzles are also available (at higher cost) tested for spray angle and spray quality at 430 PSIG (30 bar) on 70 SSU operating viscosity oil. In addition to the regular stamping, these nozzles are stamped 430 to distinguish them from standard “HO”. nozzles, as standard nozzles would not be satisfactory for use at such high operating pressures. The special additional testing is necessary to be sure that no streaks, voids or flutter appear in the spray at these pressures that would not appear at 200 PSIG. The spray angle stamped on the nozzle is the nominal Spray Angle at 430 PSIG operating pressure.Note that the nominal flow rates stamped on the nozzles are based on 100 PSIG using U.S. No.2 fuel oil, subject to a flow tolerance of plus or minus 5%. Flow rates shown at 300 PSIG on 70 SSU operating viscosity oil are from actual tests. Flow rates at higher and lower pressures are predicted from the 300 PSIG data. Actual flow rates may vary, depending on exact operating conditions.Nozzles for operation at 200 PSIG are available in 45°, 60° and 80° spray angles in sizes of 2.25 USGPH up to, and including 45.00 USGPH, and sizes of 50.00 USGPH and up are available only in 60° and 80°. Nozzles for operation at 430 PSIG are available in 45°, 60° and 80° in sizes 1.00 USGPH up to and including 45.00 USGPH. Sizes of 50.00 USGPH and up are available only in 80°. Strainers are not included with nozzles but 120 mesh Monel Strainers may be ordered separately. Strainers are specifically not recommended for use on sizes over 50.00 USGPH, as restriction may occur.


Nozzle Capacities

U.S. Gallons per Hour No. 2 Fuel Oil

 Spray Angles and Capacities