Spray Patterns

Spray Patterns All MONARCH nozzles are stamped with thefollowing characteristics, subject to modification on adoption of CEN standards: Spray Patterns

  • the flow (in USGPH at l00 PSI = 6.895 bar)
  • soon, capacity at 10 bar and CEN references)
  • spray angle
  • letters to identify the series of spray patterns
  • the, reference MTD-92
  • the, MONARCH trade mark

Each MONARCH MTD-92 nozzle isindividually tested at several different production stages to assure perfect conformitywith master nozzles of each series.

The spray patterns (i.e. hollowcone or solid cone) described below refer to the tests carried out with a 60° angle at a75 mm distance from the nozzle orifice. In nozzles of a 60° spray angle or less, and forlow flows in particular, the empty section of a hollow cone becomes smaller. Thedifference between hollow cone and solid cone practically disappears.

SolidCone “R” Series: .40 to 3.50 USGPH

This is the series supplied regularly unless customer specifies otherwise. Itis a good all-round nozzle suitable for most burners. Atomization of the oil is not quiteas fine as with the “NS” series.

HollowCons “NS” Series: .50 to 2.00 USGPH

This Series works best on many burners due to its exceptionally fineatomization. Produces a quiet stable flame. Widely used in 80° and 90° on flameretention burners.

SpecialSolid Cone “AR” Series: .50 to 3.50 USGPH

This series has become widely used due to its success in obtaining quietcombustion in some flame retention head burners. Traditionally a “cure-all”replacement nozzle, it now is increasingly specified on original equipment.

Semi-SolidCone “PLP” Series: 2.25 to 100.00 USGPH

The standard nozzle for larger capacities. Fine atomization and”solid” spray pattern up to about 3.50 USGPH, gradually becoming more and more”hollow” in the larger sizes.

HollowCone “PL” Series: 2.25 to 50.00 USGPH

This series represents an extension of the “NS” type spray pattern tolarger capacity sizes. Spray is not as finely atomized as the “PLP” series, butproduces the best results in equipment specifying hollow cone nozzles.

NarrowSpray Angle “HV” Series: 1.65 to 60.00 USGPH

Used mostly for Semi-Industrial or Scotch Marine applications where narrowspray angle and high spray velocity is essential and some combustion noise is notobjectionable.

Heavy OilNozzle Series: 1.25 to 100.00 USGPH

Designed for use on 70 SSU (approx. 13 centistokes) operating viscosity oil atoperating pressures ranging from 200-450 PSIG (13.8 to 31 bar). Write for special datasheet.

For information on our Industrial Oil, Water and Agriculture applications, please ask for special data sheets. While specifically designed for use on high pressure Domestic Oil Burners, MONARCH MTD-92 nozzles are also being used in numerous other applications such as Airplane Heaters, Jet Engines, Diesel Engines Starting Heaters, Crop Dryers, Incubators, etc. They are handling not only fuel oil but also gasoline, waxes, wax emulsions, insecticides, vegetable oils, hot transformer oils, etc. Standard nozzles can be used with liquids up to 40 to 42 Seconds Saybolt Universal operating viscosity while special constructions can be supplied for handling liquids with operating viscosities as high as 70 SSU (13 centistocs).