Technical Data

Technical DataMONARCHMicro Tolerance Development for Domestic Oil Burners and Heating Units

I. Concept

The MTD-92 nozzle was developed by MONARCH specifically to meet the needs of the European market. Indeed, in a number of countries, new laws have been issued to protect the air and the environment, thus forcing the manufacturers to develop better performing but less and less polluting burners. It has been widely recognized that the nozzle is a crucial element to achieve this, as it controls the atomization and oil flow rate which are essential factors for a clean and efficient combustion. Technical Data

The dimensions and characteristics of the threaded parts of nozzles have been fixed by CEN standard regulations; the new MTD-92 MONARCH nozzle conforms to those regulations and related tolerances.

The tolerances for the dimensions above hold for all nozzles up to and including 3.50 USGPH. They can be slightly different for higher capacities.

The body and swirl disc are made of a high chrome grade stainless steel (416 SS), specially selected for its high heat resistance.

The locknut is nickel plated to avoid all risk of even a partial obstruction by metal particles.

The nozzle body and orifice are made of a one piece construction. Although expensive, this procedure guarantees against possible leakage or heat expansion related problems.

II. Operating

Technical Data

85% of MONARCH staff are involved in the overall production process. 33% of those employed in the production are fully qualified nozzle testers. This commitment is an eloquent and exemplary demonstration of MONARCH‘s concern for manufacturing perfection and highest possible quality; it has been individual testing of each nozzle that has built our Company’s reputation.

Each MTD-92 is individually spray tested by MONARCH for spray angle, quality and balance. All tests are made at 10 bar pressure.

The nominal flow stamped on the nozzle is rated at 100 PSI = 6.895 bar. Flow tolerances have been reduced in conformity with the European norms CEN. The MTD-92 nozzles have a nominal flow tolerance of +/-4% for all flows up to, and including 3.50 USGPH. Tolerances can differ slightly for higher capacities.

III Technology

MONARCH has installed new test rigs equipped with digital flow measuring devices, to insure the utmost precision in the work of our experts monitoring the individual production of MTD-92 nozzles.

New digital control machines have been developed for manufacturing MTD-92 nozzles. This new generation of CNC automatic machines provides our customers with a necessary guarantee of a perfect uniformity of each part we make. It is a means of controlling the strict accuracy of the flow and spray angles, as well as homogeneity and consistency of spray patterns. In addition to the modern equipment, the micro-finish and monitoring procedures, applied by MONARCH exclusively, assure consistent production.

Technical Data

MONARCH has recently developed a Computer Laser System to monitor quality and homogeneity of spray patterns and angles. This laser controlled measuring device is computer-guided to provide high precision monitoring of nozzle tests. When tested, the nozzle is analyzed by the Laser System; the results are simultaneously computer-processed and compared with Master Reference Nozzles. This method enables MONARCH to assure uniformity and consistency of nozzle production as compared to the reference samples.

ATTENTION: Considering the high precision level, demonstrated by flow tolerances, and the extremely high precaution measures in manufacturing, we strongly advise you not to disassemble the MTD-92 nozzle; the original precision will not be recovered. The problem posed is that of a maximum filtration guarantee. This is why MONARCH has chosen to use porous bronze filters with a straining capacity of 40 to 60 microns or 200 mesh (approx. 70 microns) strainers, for capacities up to and including 1.00 USGPH.