Dosing and special pumps

Derived from the proven hp-pump program, created for pumps
specific applications – in particular dosing.

Characteristic of this are:

  • different sizes (for flow rates from 0.01 l / min)
  • modified material qualities or pairings and surface treatments
  • and adapted to the needs of shaft seal

Condition for the use of pumps and metering pumps is also a Medium with self-lubricating properties.

The viscosity is limited to 50,000 mPa s (in special cases after Rücksprache to 75,000 mPa s).

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Medium: various casting resins, hardeners, polyurethanes, epoxies, silicones
(Material Resistant to used materials)
viscosity: 100 – 50.000 mPa s
Inlet pressure: 0 – 5 bar
Operating pressure: max. 30 bar
Direction of rotation: D = right-handed –  I = left-handed
medium temperature: max. 80 °C
Speed ​​range: 100 – 400 min-1

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Housing: GG 25
Rotor: ETG 88
Pinion: 16 Mn Cr 5
Shaft Seal: Lip sealing rings of different Materialausführung


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hp-metering pumps, each with different flow rates, manufactured in three series:

Dosier- und Sonderpumpen