hp-Motor pumps; series SMG

hp-Motorpumpengruppen Baureihe SMG

Horizontal single system with hp industrial pumps with axial face seal able to handle pressures up to 5 bar and max. 150° C. Easy to operate. Very safe. Exceptionally quiet. High suction capacity and operating life.

When used as supply aggregate for fuel oil feed as per DIN 4736, the max operating pressure may not exceed 6 bar2).

When used:
as discharge or supply unit; designed for pressures of up to 9 bar.
as pressure or spray unit; designed for pressures of up to 30 bar.
for higher pressures; designed for pressures of up to 40 bar.

The pump groups are equipped whith three-phase standard motors B3/B14 or B3/B5, 400 V, 50 Hz, 1400 min -1, protection standard IP 54, Isolation class F. From 4 kW, the motors are threaded for 400/690 V, 50 Hz. Y-Δ-cirquit with power supply must be indicated when ordering.

Other voltages and frequencies are available at a surcharge upon request.

Mounting position: horizontal, with the connections facing upwards.


Ordering example: hp motor pump group series size SMG 1568 with hp industrial pump type VBHP-I with integrated overflow valve; direction of rotation viewed from pump shaft: I = counterclockwise; flow rate: 700 l/h at 1400 min -1 and 25 bar; operating pressure: 25 bar; pressure range: 15 to 25 bar; max. pressure: 25 bar; medium: fuel oil S; viscosity: 6 cSt. at 140 °C; motor output: 1,5 kW, voltage 230/400V, 50Hz, isolation class B; protection standard: IP 54; accessories: axial face seal Viton V, electric heating H1.
Order-Nr.: SMG 1568 – I – 3 – H1

For assembly, start-up and maintenance, please adhere to the instruction manual that comes with each device!