hp-Pressure-vessel aggregate (for lower capacity)

4-0-1Type: Ölman®

Tested in accordance with DIN/EN 12514-1.

Heating oil pump: Peripheral pump is driven by a robust motor provided with an excess temperature cut-out. The upper safety pressure limit in accordance with DIN/EN 12514-1 is reached by means of a micro limit switch which is interlocked with the controller. A reset may only be carried out by a specialist, the reason for the safety switch-off has to be examined.

Filter: Situated in the suction plant stub, can be removed for cleaning.

Non-return valve: Situated in the pressure connection stub on the pressure vessel.

Pressure vessel: Of aluminium construction. Inside is a rolling membrane made of special rubber with fabric reinforcement (operating pressure up to 7 bar) and a piston with which the pump pressure is determined. The indicator button shows contents of the vessel at any one time. The safety and operating switches with silver contacts are thoroughly fastened on the pressure vessel and provided with a plug connector.

hp-Pressure-vessel aggregate (for lower capacity)

Technical Data
Pumped volume: 30 l/h
Pressure height: 16 m
Suction height: 4 m
Operating pressure: 2.5 bar
Suction-/Pressure pipe: 8 mm Pipe-Ø
Motor: 220V 50 Hz, maintenance fee
Protection: DIN 40050 T.1
Length: 400 mm
Width, height: 200 mm
Weight: 6.5 kg

TUV Rheinland4-0-3
hp-Pressure-vessel aggregate (for lower capacity)