Single systems with 950 min-1 and hp industrial pumps.

Suitable for use with hydraulic oils, lubricating oils, all fuel oils, coal and lignite tar oils, kerosene and many other self-lubricating fluids. The motor output data applies for fluids with a viscosity of up to 400 cSt. From 400 to 1000 cSt, the motor must be one power stage stronger. Available at a surcharge upon request.

The pump connections are indicated as follows:

A = suction connection
S = delivery connection

The standard models of the pumps are designed with a counterclockwise direction of rotation (viewed from the pump shaft). The position of the pump connections is independent of the direction of rotation. (See illustration.)

Direction of rotation l = counterclockwise, standard model

For clockwise rotation, D, the oil connections S = delivery and R = bypass are interchanged. The suction connection A = suction is found on the other side.

Series VBR with integrated overflow valve and bypass

1) Cyl. Withworth pipe threading: G…A DIN ISO 228

*To insure proper pump functioning, all pipe connections must be sized as per the principles of fluid technology using the phase quantity and in accordance with the given conditions at the installation site! The size of the pump and/or device connections is not indicative of the size of the pipe connection which must be used.

Scaled Drawing
Series VBR with integrated overflow valve and bypass Series VBR with integrated overflow valve and bypass
Installation, Maintenance and Operating Instructions



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