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Leakage Detectors, Ventilators, Pressure Equalizing Vessels & Level Sensors

The level sensor detects the level of liquids based on the hydrostatic pressure that acts on the membrane of the pressure measuring cell of the level probe.

The measuring cell is made of stainless steel, the housing is made of POM, the hose screw connection is made of anodized aluminum, the cable protection hose is made of PUR, so it can also be used in areas where chemical resistance is important (in this case, heating oil EL).

The measuring amplifier is trimmed to a maximum detection pressure of 100 mbar (max. 400 mbar on request) in order to maintain compatibility with the previous model “NIVOCUP ELBD”.
In the event of an exchange, the cable colors are binding, white for the supply voltage, brown for the return signal. The output signal can also be loaded indefinitely.

Electrical / mechanical properties

Supply voltage6 – 30 VDC
white cable
Return signal4 – 20 mA
brown cable
Ripple20 mV, 3 – 5 KHz
Resistance0 – 1250 Ohm (the maximum load is calculated from the supply voltage VDC)
R resistance (max.) = Supply voltage5 / 0,02
Precision/linearity1% FS
Fullscale (FS) range0 – 100 cm H2O 0 – 123 cm Heizöl EL
max. immersion depth4 m
SealsNBR 70

Pressure up to 6 bar, oil-resistant membrane
R 3/4″ external thread

Capacity Item No.
1 Liter 820329
8 Liter 820181
18 Liter 820183
25 Liter 820184

on PTC basis for visual and audible warning
of accumulations of fluid

Consisting of display device with operating and alarm indicator,
and a flexible PTC sensor

Item No 720714

TÜV tested, according WHG (§ 63)
Voltage: AC 230 V, IP 20
Display: Operation green; alarm red
Length of sensor cable (standard): 1.5 m

Length Item No.
LMW 0720705-1
Sensor cable 1,5 m 0720721-1
Sensor cable10 m 0720723-1
Sensor cable 30 m 0720724-1

for use in single-pipe systems with bypass delivery.
Casing of metal, transparent vent hood from plastic and safety float.
Siku element 50 µm

Connection Nozzle capacity Item No.
G 3/8“ 100 l/h 082 0237

Automatic air vent
Automatic float air vent VA (stainless steel)
Suitable for air-separation units with supply pressure
max. supply pressure: 5 bar
Test pressure: 10 bar

Connection Item No.
G 3/8“ 8202141
G 3/8“ 820212