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Double pump control µCon III

Double pump control for suction, pressure accumulator and main ring units. The control is available in AC and three-phase versions and is usually delivered with our standard software. In principle, it is possible to program different applications, such as special switching points, the use of other transducers or other functions.
We would be happy to make you an offer based on your task.

Technical Data:

Details and applications

  • Range of application of the level sensor from 0 – 99 cm
  • Range of application pressure 0 – 10 bar, 0 – 25 bar
  • Display for pressure, timer, status
  • Connection for building control or burner approval
  • Connection for oil temperature monitoring
  • Connection for spill protection


Alternating current design

Dimensions of plastic casing:  W 240 x H 240 x D 90 mm
Voltage:                                    230 VAC
Power:                                      up to 0.75 kW


Rotary current design

Dimensions of plastic casing:  W 370 x H 240 x D 90 mm
Voltage:                                   400 VAC
Power:                                     up to 4.0 kW

Version: – A/C – Three-Phase Current

ControlItem No.Version
Pressure accumulator0710050-12A/C
Suction Pressure0710050-13A/C
Ring line0710050-14A/C
Suction0710070-11three-phase current
Pressure accumulator0710070-12three-phase current
Suction Pressure0710070-13three-phase current
RingleitungRing line0710070-14three-phase current
Split0710070-15three-phase current

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