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BPS Return nozzle

With the BPS return nozzle, a modified performance is obtained by returning part of the oil flow from the nozzle. A pressure regulator is used to regulate the power.

The nozzle head and baffle plate are made of high-quality, heat-resistant chromium-nickel steel, the inner fastening shell and the filter body are made of nickel-plated brass, the filter fabric is made of Monel sieve with a 120μ mesh size for throughputs of up to 13.50 Gph and 80μ mesh size for larger throughputs.

The seal between the oil inlet and the return connection is ensured by means of a Viton O-ring.

The BPS return nozzles are tested at a pressure of 7 bar with fuel oil EL, viscosity 2.8 cst. (1.2° E). Maximum working pressure between 17 and 20 bar and maximum viscosity of 13 cst. (2.1°E). The BPS nozzle is available with the following spray angles and outputs:
45° from 0.75gph – 35.00gph
60° from 0.75gph – 50.00gph
80° from 1.50gph – 35.00gph
For throughputs in excess of the performance levels mentioned, we refer to the industrial nozzles of the C 210, E 179 H and E 180 H series (documents for this are available on request).

Throughput (GPH) at an operating pressure of 7 bar.

Technical Data:

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