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Spray Tips C-169-WA and C-170-WA


The spray nozzles C 169-WA and C 170-WA are industrial spray nozzles with compressed air pulverization for medium-heavy and heavy fuel oils as well as fuel oils from energy recovery. The supply of compressed air by a compressor is absolutely necessary. The flow rates can be adjusted in the ratio 3:1 and 4:1.

Technical Data:

The spray nozzles are used for the most part in the pulverization of all grades of heavy fuel oil in both the USA and Europe (sometimes under the most difficult conditions).

One area of ​​application is for example industrial burners using a relatively low air pressure (1.5 bar) and an oil pressure which is at least above 0.150 bar and can vary upwards depending on the desired fuel oil delivery rate. Excellent results have been obtained with this type of spray nozzle when used in combination with a high velocity compressed air supply and a combustion head designed to impart a rapid swirling motion to the flame.

Air and oil enter a common vortex flow chamber through two separate inlet ports to allow separate adjustment of the respective flow rates.

The result obtained guarantees an extraordinarily fine atomization and therefore a perfect (impeccable, perfect) flame.

The flow rates given in the attached overview have been determined in tests that were carried out with heating oil for living areas. Heavy fuel oil requires preheating to get better results, so the viscosity is around 19 cst (2.8°E or 100 SSU).


The flow rates given on the following page are maximum values.

Adjustment ratios (adjustment ranges) between 3:1 and 4:1 can be achieved by reducing the compressed air down to 0.35 bar, whereby the oil pressure must always be kept at least 0.15 bar above the air pressure.

The best atomization is achieved when the oil pressure is kept between 0.6 and 0.7 bar above the air pressure.

Certain industrial torch manufacturers work with a constant air pressure between 1 and 1.1 bar and only vary the oil pressure when adjusting the spray nozzle capacity; in other cases and to achieve an optimal adjustment ratio, a regulation of oil and air pressure is carried out at the same time.

The required air pressure depends on the air or oil pressure; so any specific flow rate can be generated by an unlimited number of combinations between air and oil pressure.

MONARCH provides you with a series of curves showing oil quantities and air consumption at different oil and air pressures.


The MONARCH C-169-WA and C-170-WA spray tips are made from the same steel as the E-179-H models.

Available pulverization angle: from 50° to 100° (in 10° increments)

80° is considered the standard angle.


Please specify spray tip type, delivery rate and atomization angle.

C-169-WA Diagram

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